About Us

The Utah-Salt Lake Chapter of ARMA International is dedicated to serving its members through networking opportunities, continuing education, ARMA International pamphlets and technical publications, notices of upcoming meetings and our ARMAnagement newsletter. The Chapter holds monthly meetings which provide educational and professional leadership in the Records and Information Management field. Utah-Salt Lake members foster the development of professionalism through the ARMA Code of Ethics, the setting of professional standards of business conduct, commitment to helping members, and a pledge to continue professional and technical education.

Our broad purposes are:

  • To Advance Records and Information Management as a Profession;
  • To promote a genuine interest in all phases of Records and Information Management;
  • To promote and organize a program of seminars, conferences, education, and training in the field of Records and Information mangement; and
  • To promote working relationships with related professional groups.

Our new mission statement reads:

To Advance the Professional Practice of Records and Information Management by Consistently Offering High Quality Educational & Networking Opportunities

Code of Ethics

We, as members of ARMA and in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, acknowledge that:

  • We have an obligation to other members of the Association, our country, our employers, and our fellow employees to contribute, whenever possible, to the promotion and improvements of the profession of records and information management, especially through training, study, education, and research;
  • We have an obligation to share and disseminate accurate knowledge of the various areas of records and information management;
  • We have an obligation to maintain and enhance the reputation of the Association by exemplary conduct and performance of duties to the best of our ability;
  • We further acknowledge that we must make an earnest effort, as a matter of integrity, to fulfill these obligations.