What is ICRM?

The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) is an international certifying body of and for professional records managers, which is responsible for issuing the Certified Records Manager (CRM) designation and the Certified Records Analyst (CRA) designation.


Why be certified?

The CRM/CRA credential elevates the recipient’s skills, competencies, and marketability. It provides a foundation of core skills and competencies for the Records and Information Management (RIM) professional, including general management principles; all aspects of recordkeeping through creation, management, control, storage, and disposition; and more in-depth areas like recordkeeping technologies.

Being a CRM/CRA requires continuing education, which ensures that professionals remain current in their skills and can assist organizations in the deployment of successful RIM strategies.

For more information on the value of the CRM/CRA designation, visit www.icrm.org/CRM-advantages

For assistance at the local level, contact Howard Loos, CRM, IGP, CIPP/US. Howard has over 20yrs RIM experience and has mentored over 200 people in becoming CRMs. He is the chapter’s CRM Liaison and can assist you with questions you may have about attaining your CRM credentials. Howard can be contacted by e-mail at howard_loos@byu.edu.