Chapter History

Chapter History

The Utah-Salt Lake Chapter of ARMA became a member chapter on July 18, 1980.

If you are a chapter member and have any historical information on the chapter that you would like to provide assistance in updating this history, please contact Cristina Bean at

Education Opportunities

Over the years, this chapter has been proactive in providing its membership with educational opportunities. These opportunities usually came in the form of monthly chapter meetings. However, some came in the form of seminars. Recent seminars provided by the chapter have included:

  • 1998 — Innovative Records Management: Thinking Outside the Box
  • 1999 — Records Work: A celebration of National Records Month. This seminar was held at Weber State University and was so successful that it received an award from ARMA International.
  • 2000 — Electronic Records
  • 2004 — Time and Opportunities * Success in Managing Records
  • 2006 — Information Management in the Court Room: A Mock Trial
  • 2008 — Bridging the Gap: Managing Paper and Electronic Records
  • 2009 — Rocky Mountain SharePoint Conference (in partnership with AIIM Intermountain Chapter)
  • 2010 — Records Management Success: Build and Leverage Your Networks
  • 2011 — Successful Records Management: Build and Leverage Your Network
  • 2012 — From Records Management to Information Governance
  • 2013 — Partnering for Information Governance

Service Projects

In addition to educational content, the chapter has made an effort, particularly in recent years, to provide service projects related to records management. Some of these service projects have included:

  • UMCOR — At the closing socials in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, Chapter members put together birthing kits and donate them to UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief). These kits provide the essential items to promote a safe, clean delivery and to encourage good aftercare.
  • Ogden City Cemetery — This project involved chapter members walking around the cemetery and recording information on headstones for input into a computer system.
  • Utah State Archives — This project involved chapter members assisting the state archives in foldering and organizing past Governor photographs, as well as 2002 Olympic photographs.
  • CAWS — This project involved chapter members assisting an organization, CAWS, organize a records management program. CAWS is an organization that helps homeless pets.
  • Chapter Records — This project involved chapter members identifying chapter records, cataloguing those records, and creating a retention schedule.
  • No More Homeless Pets in Utah — Drafted Records Policy, Retention Schedule and conducted a records clean-up day.
  • Utah Food Bank — Donated $10 for every paid registrant at 2009 Seminar. This practice is expected to continue at future seminars as a regular opportunity to give back to the community.
  • ARMA International Education Foundation — The chapter provides financial and fund-raising support for this organization.

Chapter Leadership

While we know that one of the first chapter presidents was Brian Winterowd, other chapter presidents from early in our chapter’s history are not so clear. As we research to recover some of this history, we will update this page.

Chapter presidents beginning in 1995 have included:

Term President
1995/1996 Wayne Harper
1996/1997 Marilyn Harmiston
1997/1998 Gerri Bradford
1998/1999 Terry Ellis
1999/2000 Scott Whittaker
2000/2001 Bruce Bailey
2001/2002 Michael Miles
2002/2003 Jeanette Parker
2003/2004 DeAnn Wallwork
2004/2005 Chris Calton
2005/2006 Sonya Kintaro
2006/2007 Daryl Downs
2007/2008 Rori Clark
2008/2009 Virginia Loader
2009/2010 David Fleming
2010/2011 Marcie Fujikawa
2011/2012 Lauren Nathanson
2012/2013 Ryan Stock
2013/2014 Leah Wood
2014/2015 Joshua Bullough

Chapter Awards

2009/2010 Chapter of the Year

2003/2004 Chapter of the Year

Award presented by ARMA International