Why Join ARMA?

ARMA International – Utah Salt Lake Chapter is a non-profit community whose purpose is to provide educational and networking opportunities in the field of records and information management and governance. Membership is open to any individual with a strong interest in archives, records, or information management.

Benefits of Joining ARMA Utah – Salt Lake Chapter

  • Access to a network of information professionals
  • Monthly meetings featuring presentations, real-world examples, and workshops with industry experts
  • Annual conference featuring educational and networking opportunities
  • Employment information with local and regional opportunities
  • Chapter Leadership Opportunities

Benefits of Joining ARMA International

  • Access to a global network of Information Management Specialists through www.arma.org listservs
  • Local chapters to connect you to professionals in the Salt Lake City area
  • Membership Directory published annually as a source of reaching members worldwide
  • Availability of more than 200 member-discounted technical publications
  • Annual Conference featuring dozens of educational sessions
  • Subscription to Information Management Journal
  • Certified Records Management (CRM) study groups
  • Career Link Placement Services

How to Join ARMA Utah – Salt Lake Chapter

Follow this link to the ARMA International website to join! Don’t forget to also join the Utah – Salt Lake Chapter!

If you are struggling to figure out how to navigate the ARMA International website, please use the following instructions as a guide. (If you would like to skip steps 1 and 2, hover over “Join and Connect” on the menu and click on either “Join as a Professional” or “Join as Employer”)

  1. Click on the red “Join ARMA Today” button on the page that comes up when you click the link above.
  2. Once the page has loaded click on either “Professionals” or “Employers” depending on what kind of membership you would like to obtain.
  3. You most likely have chosen “Professionals” as the kind of membership you want. Once you’ve clicked on “Professionals”, read through the information given and decide which kind of membership is right for you! Once you’ve decided, click on the red “Join Now!” button.
  4. This button will take you to a screen where you will choose between “Professional”, “Associate”, and “Non-Member” Membership types. Choose the one that you would like and click “Continue
  5. Create an ARMA Account.
  6. Once your account has been created, fill out all required fields and pay the dues required for membership. (Note: Don’t forget to join the Utah – Salt Lake Chapter; you join before you pay so if you haven’t joined before you get to the checkout screen go back and look for the button you click to join a specific chapter).
  7. Don’t lose your ARMA Account information, you’ll need it when you go to renew your membership every year and to sign in to view ARMA International’s wide variety of RIM field publications.


  • Basic Membership to ARMA International — $175.00
  • Utah-Salt Lake Chapter Membership — $40.00

If you have any other questions about how to join ARMA or membership, please reach out to Joshua Bullough , our Membership Director.