Join us for our 2024 Hybrid Spring Seminar, Unveiling the Future of Information: Navigating the Digital Landscape and Emerging Technologies! The Future of Information is here and now is the time to find out more about the challenges we all face and how to triumph over them! Whether you’ve been in RIM for 30 years or are just starting out, we will have something for everyone. It will be held in-person at Utah County Health and Justice Building (151 South University Avenue, Rm 2500, Provo, UT, 84606) and on Zoom.

Certification Credits are offered!

We have been pre-approved for 5 CRM, 5 IGP and 5ARC credits.

What is the Spring Seminar?

The Spring Seminar is an annual conference held by individual ARMA international Chapters. It is typically a day long symposium discussing current topics in the RIM (Records and Information Management) field. This year’s Spring Seminar topics range from foundational principles of why we do Records Management to advanced futuristic models of what Records Management can become.

Who will benefit from attending?

  • Records Managers: Professionals responsible for managing records and information within organizations will gain insights into emerging technologies and digital trends impacting their field. They can learn about best practices for navigating the digital landscape and adapting their strategies accordingly.
  • Information Governance Professionals: Those involved in developing and implementing information governance policies and practices will find value in understanding how emerging technologies can support their efforts and address compliance requirements.
  • Data Privacy and Compliance Officers: Professionals tasked with ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and standards will benefit from learning about new tools and approaches for managing and protecting sensitive information in digital environments.
  • Legal and Regulatory Professionals: Legal and regulatory professionals involved in e-discovery, litigation support, and compliance will benefit from understanding how emerging technologies impact legal and regulatory requirements related to records management and information governance.
  • Business Leaders and Executives: Business leaders and executives seeking to leverage information assets for strategic decision-making will gain insights into the opportunities and challenges presented by digital transformation and emerging technologies.
  • Consultants and Solution Providers: Consultants and solution providers offering services and solutions in the fields of records management, information governance, and digital transformation can benefit from staying informed about industry trends and client needs.