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January 2023 – Lewis Eisen

“I Love Our Organization’s RIM Policies,” said no one. In many offices, RIM policies are long and confusing, and no one reads them. Worse, they often sound like angry parents scolding naughty children. Adults bristle at disrespectfully worded statements, making compliance a battle. The reality is that the policy writers want to sound strict but not sound confrontational. 
In this session, you will learn how you might improve the conversation dynamic.  

  1. Policies and compliance done right are a collaborative effort, not a power struggle
  2. The wording of an organization’s policies can unintentionally reveal its internal problems
  3. We need to change the rule-making dynamic from Parent–Child to Adult–Adult, so that RIM Specialists are seen as experts rather than enforcers

We welcome Lewis Eisen, JD, CIP to our ARMA Chapter as we learn about policy writing! Come ready to learn better communication skills and how to help our policies become clear and non-confrontational.

Who is Lewis Eisen? Lewis Eisen, JD, CIP is the leading authority on the use of respectful language in corporate policies. He is the author of the international bestseller How to Write Rules that People Want to Follow: A guide to drafting respectful policies and directives, 3rd Ed. He combines his experience practicing law with 20 years of business consulting and 12 years’ working in the federal government. Lewis shows people how to shift their organization’s policy writing culture from confrontational to cooperative, and his approach to drafting policies using respectful language has been adopted at organizations across the US, Canada, and Europe. Click here for his LinkedIn and here for his website.

When: Thursday, January 19, 2023 11:45am -1pm

Where: Zoom

Registration for this event is now closed. If you missed this event and would like to view the presentation please go to “Presentations from Monthly Chapter Meetings“. Thank you for attending your ARMA Utah Chapter Meeting.

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