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April 2024 – Mark Diamond with Contoural

Mark Diamond from Contoural will be joining us this month to discuss best practices for creating or modifying a retention schedule in an age of predominantly electronic records. He will also discuss how to “privacy-enable” our schedules. Come ready with questions and an open mind! Many thanks to Contoural for sponsoring our lunch this month!

Who is Mark Diamond? Mark is the founder and CEO of Contoural, the industry leader in proactive records and information management, AI, litigation readiness and risk & compliance strategies. As a trusted advisor he and his company help bridge legal, compliance, security and business needs and policies with effective processes, technology and change management. To learn more about Contoural visit their website.

What will Mark be presenting?Creating a Modern, Compliant, and Easier to Execute Records Retention Schedule” Many record retention schedules started from within hardcopy, paper-based records programs. Yet today more than 95% of the documents organizations create or receive are sourced in digital format. Programs based on paper-centric record retention schedules are much more difficult to execute and ensure compliance, when electronic information is the dominant format. Is your retention schedule in need of an update? In this webinar, Contoural will discuss how organizations can create modern and more compliant records retention schedules that better handle both paper and especially electronic information. Contoural will also cover how to privacy-enable your schedule.

When: Thursday, April 18, 2024; 11:30am -1pm

Where: Autoliv (3350 Airport Road, Ogden, UT 84405) or Zoom

Registration for this event is now closed. If you missed this event and would like to view the presentation please go to “Presentations from Monthly Chapter Meetings“. Thank you for attending your ARMA Utah Chapter Meeting.

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