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President’s Message 2022

Welcome to another year at ARMA!! We are very excited to get to meet with you all again and for our upcoming chapter meetings! Some housekeeping, we will continue doing hybrid meetings this year so you can join us virtually or in person for those. If you have any topics or presenters that you’d like us to consider for our meetings, please let Victor know! He’s hard at work getting our year planned and getting our Spring Seminar set up so now is the time if you have suggestions. Don’t forget to join our social media pages as we will post educational or interactive content there that you can’t get elsewhere.

We as a board met in August and decided on our Chapter goals for this year. We feel that these goals encompass the values of and will help build a better future for our Chapter.

Our Chapter Goals this year are as follows:
  • Engage diverse groups to help improve membership
  • Centralization of chapter resources
  • Chapter directory to assist with networking

Looking forward to meeting with you all in a few weeks!!


Haley Dunkley

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