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President’s Message 2022

Welcome to another year at ARMA!! We are very excited to get to meet with you all again and for our upcoming chapter meetings! Some housekeeping, we will continue doing hybrid meetings this year so you can join us virtually or in person for those. If you have any topics or presenters that you’d like us to consider for our meetings, please let Victor know! He’s hard at work getting our year planned and getting our Spring Seminar set up so now is the time if you have suggestions. Don’t forget to join our social media pages as we will post educational or interactive content there that you can’t get elsewhere.

We as a board met in August and decided on our Chapter goals for this year. We feel that these goals encompass the values of and will help build a better future for our Chapter.

Our Chapter Goals this year are as follows:
  • Engage diverse groups to help improve membership
  • Centralization of chapter resources
  • Chapter directory to assist with networking

Looking forward to meeting with you all in a few weeks!!


Haley Dunkley
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Message from the 2016-2017 President, Chris Calton

Dear Chapter Members:

As you know, our closing social event was last week at Delton Bowling.  It was great fun!  We missed seeing many of you!  We bowled, ate, laughed, had prize drawings, your new Board was sworn in and chapter awards were presented.  Here are the highlights:

Every time a chapter member attended a chapter meeting, their name was entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card.  Here are the winners:

$200:  Andrea Romanczyk

$100:  Halene Inoke

$50:  Mark McFarland

Congratulations!!  Thank you to all members for supporting the chapter.

End-of-year Chapter Awards were presented to:

Chapter Member of the Year:  Cristina Bean

Chapter Leader of the Year:  Chris Calton

Partner Organization of the Year:  Central Utah Water Conservancy District


As a result of the recent election, a few new faces will be on the board this coming year.  Congratulations to your 2017/2018 board.  They are excited and will do a terrific job.  They are:

Bonnie Banks, President

Chris Calton, Past-President

Mandy McClellan, Vice-President

Susan Mumford, Secretary

Cindi Mansell, Treasurer

Colleen Mulvey, Public Affairs

Jim Madsen, Membership

Maren Slaugh, Hospitality

Cristina Bean, Website

Lastly, I would like to thank my 2016/2017 board for all of the hard work that they each put into making this a great year.

Being on the board is a rewarding experience.  Not only does it benefit you as you exercise leadership skills and network with others, but it provides you with the ability to make the changes that you believe will benefit chapter members.

I hope each chapter member will consider what participating on the board or on a committee will do for them professionally, as well as personally, and commit to going down that road in the future.

Chris Calton, Immediate Past-President (2016/2017)

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2015/2016 President’s Message

ARMA Utah-Salt Lake Chapter
September 2015

IG: Not Your Grandparents’ RIM Program

Dear Chapter,

The board met in August to begin the planning process for the 2015/16 Chapter year. One of the goals of the planning meeting is to establish a direction for the year. The board discussed and selected a theme to provide focus for monthly chapter meetings and the Spring Seminar in March. As we discussed ARMA International’s trajectory of the Records and Information Management (RIM) profession it became clear that RIM is a foundational element of a much broader Information Governance movement. The profession is extending its reach beyond “traditional” records. Records Managers are recognizing the need to partner with other key players that are also focused on managing an organization’s information assets. RIM, risk, compliance, legal, and IT all have vital roles to play in the successful governance of information. With that in mind, this year’s theme is “IG: Not Your Grandparents’ RIM Program.”

I am excited for the upcoming program year. We have a strong theme and a board with the energy, experience, and expertise to make this year a great one. We are looking at core principles that have served the profession well while expanding our vision beyond the familiar. Our program this year includes tours, a good mix of presentations from the private and public sectors, and speakers who have never participated with the local chapter as well as some familiar faces. We are also expanding the use of committees to assist board members in their responsibilities.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the monthly meetings, Christmas Social, Spring Seminar, and finally our Closing Social. Participation is key to maximizing the benefits of being a member of the chapter, so come and participate.

Thank you for your support this program year!


Howard Loos
ARMA Utah – Salt Lake Chapter President

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President’s Message: The Importance of Networking in Tough Times

ARMA Utah-Salt Lake Chapter
President’s Message
March 9, 2010

The Importance of Networking in Tough Times

If you are like me (and I know most of you are), one of the things you like about records management is being in the “back office” and out of the limelight.  Let’s face it, we like being the expert on a topic that makes everyone else so crazy they just don’t want to think about it.  It makes for dull days and going home at a decent hour.  We complain that the higher-ups don’t even know we exist, but what are we doing to make sure our message is received by upper management?  Probably not nearly as much as we should be, right?  We aren’t, as a rule, “glad-handers” who like to meet people and sell them on records management – if we were, we’d be in sales making a whole lot more money!

Now that times are tough, it is even more important to break out of our shell, meet and greet, understand our own organization, create alliances and leverage all available resources.  As a records manager, you are in a better position than anyone to understand all the different functions of your organization – really, you probably know more about what makes your organization tick than the CEO or City Manager.  Put your knowledge to work internally and build your expertise externally.  Get involved in ARMA – we have all kinds of opportunities right here in Utah.  Getting involved in chapter leadership will pay dividends you cannot even comprehend until you “just do it”!

You want help and we’ve got it!  Start right now by registering for our Spring Seminar – “Records Management Success: Build and Leverage Your Network!”.  Then, make a commitment to attend every monthly meeting (they’re free for goodness’ sake!) of the only organization that understands what you go through every day – ARMA Utah-Salt Lake.  Make sure you meet someone new at every meeting and learn something about them.  If you can’t find a new face, bring one along.  Give ideas and get ideas, learn form each other and – oh yeah – have a good time!

See you March 25th!

David Fleming
Chapter President